Falkland Islands Internet – some thoughts presentation – 28th November 2019

I gave the following well-attended presentation to an audience in the Chamber of Commerce in Stanley, Falkland Islands at 17:00 Thursday, 28th November 2019.

The title of the presentation was “Falkland Islands Internet – some thoughts”.

You can see the presentation by using the viewer below.

[slideshare id=202305393&doc=novemberopenfalklandspresentation-linkedinonlineversion-191206142009]

You can also access, share or download the presentation on the LinkedIn SlideShare site here.

The presentation has also been reported on Falkland Islands TV and Penguin News.

Copyright: December 2019, OpenFalklands

One Reply to “Falkland Islands Internet – some thoughts presentation – 28th November 2019”

  1. I certainly wholeheartedly support your common sense suggestions for an unlimited, unrestricted local (fiber) network without quotas.

    While the Falkland Islands may be dependent on satellite capacity for international connectivity, there the islands should be self sufficient in their national networking.

    The national network should be available to all at a low cost fixed flat rate fee and provide basic services locally, such as email, a forum, messaging and news aggregation. This is all very easy and simple to provide with a local server. Content can be refreshed using a dedicated low bandwidth satellite link or using existing excess capacity at night.

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